Environmental Impact

Sustainable fashion & home decor should be accessible, not exclusive. That's why we are on a mission to create affordable, everyday pieces with sustainability in mind. At Kinder Planet Company, we use a smart manufacturing model that only produces on demand. This ensures a responsible supply chain that is able to reduce our environmental impact in the fashion & homeware industry while working to create a more eco-friendly brand.

Clean water process

We work closely with our suppliers and conducting checks and evaluations to ensure that any chemical substances released comply with our environmental standards. Our suppliers utilize membrane technology for wastewater treatment. Additionally, we are tirelessly implementing strategies aimed at reducing our water usage in all of our factories, warehouses, and office locations.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

At Kinder Planet Company, we are committed to inclusion in everything we do. Today, we do this by:

1) Carrying a product size range from XXS - 5XL.

2) Partnering with businesses that share our values on diversity and inclusion

Kinder Planet Company wouldn't be where it is today without its community at large. As there is always more work to be done, you can confidently count on us to continue striving towards a more diverse and accessible future.

Share your style

By sharing and swapping pieces with your friends, you'll help by limited over-consumption (and you'll save some money too)

care for your clothes

Pay attention to wash labels for best practices for keeping your clothes looking new and fresh. And when possible, try reducing the number of washes to extend the life of your piece.

get creative

When in doubt, think outside the box! You may be surprised at how many new styles you can create with whats already in your closet and home.